Altus Captains Q&A with Carson Pickett, Javon Bostic, & Tim Gloria – Presented by Frazer Bank

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Altus Bulldog basketball players Carson Pickett, Javon Bostic, and Tim Gloria took some time away from court to answer a few questions about the team, playing for Altus and their futures. 


VYPE: What age did you start playing basketball and what was the name of your first team? 

Pickett: I was two years old and my first team was the All-Stars.

Bostic: Started playing at age six. My first team was The Ballers. 

Gloria: Can’t remember my age, but my first team was All-Stars. 

VYPE: What do you love most about this Altus Bulldog team? 

Pickett: What I love is how close everyone is. 

Bostic: Getting to play in front of people for the first time. 

Gloria: The teamwork and how competitive we are. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite place to play? 

Pickett: I like our home court. Altus High School. 

Bostic: In our own gym. 

Gloria: No, just at Altus. 

Carson    Javon    Tim

VYPE: Is there a road game you always look forward to playing? If so, why? 

Pickett: Duncan, because they are a rival. 

Bostic: Cache. We won our first game as a Bulldog against them. 

Gloria: No, every away game I look forward to. 

VYPE: What shot have you worked on the most coming into the season? 

Pickett: Pull-up threes. 

Bostic: My three-point shot. 

Gloria: Free throws, because they win games. 

VYPE: Let’s get some dirt on your teammates. Who has the best ball handling skills? Who can put away the food? Who keeps everyone laughing? And who talks the most on the court? 

Pickett: Chris West has the skills, Javon Bostic can eat the most, Chris also keeps everyone laughing and I probably talk the most. 

Bostic: Carson Pickett, me, Chris West and Tavarri (Filer) talks the most. 

Gloria: Chris West, Johnny Olivas eats the most, Javon keeps us laughing and Carson talks the most. 

AHS Boys Basketball 036 team varsity 5x7

VYPE: Who has the best impression of coach Kephart? 

Pickett: Derek Beach by far. Or Hunter Webb. 

Bostic: I’d say Hunter Webb. 

Gloria: I don’t know. 

VYPE: What has the game of basketball taught you? 

Pickett: Patience and resiliency. 

Bostic: To keep moving forward. You may have lost Thursday, but you have to bounce back for Friday. 

Gloria: That to be a winner you have to dig down to get what you want. 

VYPE: you get court-side seats for any team in the NBA, where do you go and why? 

Pickett: LA Lakers. Because LA is the best. 

Bostic: Lakers to see LeBron and Zo. 

Gloria: OKC Thunder because Westbrook is a great role model. 

VYPE: What does your future hold for you? 

Pickett: Playing college basketball somewhere and one day becoming an engineer.

Bostic: Hopefully nothing but the best.  

Gloria: Go to college and get a degree.