Altus's Hunter Pence – Character Counts Presented by Bar-S Foods

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By Ryan Stone 

Altus High School junior Hunter Pence is an accomplished shooter and has won several State Championships. His latest individual State Championship has earned him a trip to the 4-H National Championships in Grand Island, Nebraska on June 24-29.

For the State Championship Pence and other competitors shot 50 each of trap, skeet and sporting clay. Pence tallied a total score of 144 hitting 47 sporting clay, 48 skeet and 49 trap targets. He beat the runner-up by one point and he’ll be joined the three other top finishers at the National Championships. For the National Championships Pence and the other competitor will shoot 100 each of sporting clay, skeet and trap.

“At first I was stunned because I really didn’t expect it, but I’m really pretty excited now and after shooting for five years I get to go somewhere different  for it and feel really proud to get to represent our state and hope I do well, my goal is to win or place, but really just do my best, everybody is nervous when you make it that far so I’m fine if I don’t place as long as I do my best,” said Pence.


Pence has been shooting for most of his life. He got into shooting after a friends’ dad mentioned the events to his dad. Hunter credits his coaches and repetition for his success. He has totaled 13 State Championships with three individual and ten team championships.

“A lot of my success comes from coaching and just doing the thing same thing over and over again,” said Pence, “A lot of it is hand eye coordination and muscle memory and if you shoot against really good people it will make you want to shoot harder it’ll make you better.”

Pence also says he felt his best performance came at state because his friends and family were there to cheer him on.

“I’ve shot with a lot of those people since I got started and they really just pushed me to do my best,” said Pence.

In the future Pence hopes to take his shooting career as far as he can and has already received interest from a couple of college, Oklahoma State and Conners State. He won a scholarship shoot at Conners State in 2017 for $400, but hopes he can earn a full ride.