Cadet Atrevelle Gilmore – Cameron Army ROTC Spotlight

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Originally from Decatur, Georgia, Cadet Atrevelle Gilmore landed at Cameron University after transferring on the advice of his uncle; a retired U.S. Army veteran. 

“I went to Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur, Georgia. I did dual enrollment so I was a full-time college student in my junior and senior year. I chose Cameron ROTC because they produce excellent officers and I wanted that same training and guidance. My uncle retired from the Army and was a 1st SGT in Field Artillery at Fort Sill; and he informed me about Cameron’s ROTC program,” said Gilmore. “I am currently a sophomore. I’m both MSI and MSII, due to transferring with credits.”

Currently, Gilmore is studying History at Cameron University. A subject Gilmore hopes will help him during his military career. 

“A History degree cannot be used the same as something like Engineering or Chemical. But it helps in understanding situations and decisions you will make in leadership positions. My knowledge of past events and results will allow a more insightful view of a current event or situation. It will allow me to instruct and explain complex thoughts in a way that is understandable to others as well. It helps with cultural awareness and understanding as well,” said Gilmore. 


As a member of the ROTC program, Gilmore has enjoyed all of the activities and training he has received as a cadet. The leadership of the ROTC program strives to keep their cadets involved in working to prepare them to be future leaders in today’s military. 

“The Cameron ROTC leadership has enabled me to understand what it is to be a leader. Officership in the Army requires excellent leadership, which I believe Cameron ROTC provides. Cameron ROTC has an extremely positive environment that encourages growth and development as an adaptable leader. They provide several resources and opportunities to learn and expand as a cadet and a leader,” said Gilmore. “I absolutely want to make the military my profession after college. Serving is the only thing I hope to do, for as long as I possibly can.”

His goal is to commission into active duty with the United States Army. A goal Gilmore is one step closer to achieving thanks to the ROTC program at Cameron University. Gilmore offers some advice to other students considering the ROTC program at Cameron. 

“ROTC is a commitment, that is true, but it is also an opportunity, especially Army ROTC. You’ll gain information about the military and you’ll expand yourself as an individual. ROTC helps shape you into a leader of excellent character and poise. Don’t let the idea of the military frighten you. The Cadre and Staff are only there to help you and enhance your experience in the best possible way for you,” said Gilmore.