Hunter Harris: Chickasha Athlete of the Month – Presented by Chickasha Bank of Commerce


By Derrick Smith

There are two different parts to being an athlete, the physical side and the mental side. The physical side is maintained in the gym and offseason. The mental side is something that each individual athlete has to work on.

Hunter Harris says that trust plays a big part of his game.

“It has taken me a lot hours in the gym,” he said. “I just have to trust myself, my coaches, and my teammates.”

Harris is a senior at Chickasha High School, playing shooting guard for the basketball team. He began playing basketball when he was in the third grade.

The season has not gone as planned for Chickasha, as they are currently 3-7 on the season. But Hunter says he sees a lot of upside.

“This season has not gone as good as I hoped, but we have a lot more basketball to play and I know with the teammates and coaches I have around me we can turn that around.”

Hunter Harris

Even with the rough season, Harris says that one of his coaches has been a big influence on his life.

“Assistant coach Chevis Smith has been a big role model for me this year,” he said. “He has helped me boost my confidence and has taught me a lot about the game.”

Hunter says that the most memorable moment of his career came this season in a loss to Newcastle.

“In the third quarter of our second game of the season, I dunked for the first time in a game. It was really awesome!”

Harris says that his Computer Applications teacher stands out as his favorite becuase he always helps him to see the brighter side of things.

“Coach Molder has taught me to always be in a good mood no matter what it going on.”

When he is not playing basketball, Hunter is also involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After graduation, Hunter is not sure exactly what he is going to do but he says he wants to attend college.

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