Duncan's Jai’Vion Dangerfield – Character Counts Presented by Coaches Corner

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By John Tranchina

Jai’Vion Dangerfield believes it all stems back to his upbringing, but the Duncan junior guard takes a lot of pride in demonstrating good character and being a good basketball teammate, not to mention a strong student.

“I personally think it has a lot to do with how I was raised,” said Dangerfield, who also plays wide receiver in football and runs track for the Demons. “It’s also how I want to be, I like to be, and I take pride in how I am and being respectful. I try to be the best person that I could be.”

Dangerfield, who is also in the National Honor Society and the Duncan Leadership club, enjoys helping others, and recently volunteered at Duncan’s Taylor Le Norman/McCasland Cancer Center, helping take down Christmas decorations, along with teammate Sam Petersen. And while his mother is receiving treatment there for her own fight with the disease, Dangerfield would have helped out anyway because he wants to be seen as a good role model for younger kids.


“That has a lot to do with my mom, but even if my mom didn’t have cancer, I would still help, because I’m always trying to do stuff around the community,” he said. “There are a lot of bad kids around Duncan and I want to let them know, even younger kids, that you can be in sports and do things around the community and be looked at as a good kid, instead of going out and partying all the time and stuff. I go out and help anybody if they needed help, I’m always willing to help.”

But as busy as he sometimes gets with sports and his other activities at school, Dangerfield makes sure he gets his schoolwork done. He carries a 4.0 GPA and ranks first in his class out of 222 students.

“That’s always been my number one priority,” he said of his grades. “If I get Bs, I get my phone, my PlayStation, anything taken away, so I don’t get Bs. I always find time. If I have homework or something, that’s the first thing I do and then I do my other activities, and if there’s something I have to miss because of homework, then I’ll just miss it. That’s just how it goes.”

“Jai’Vion is a player that is respected throughout the Duncan Demon sports program,” added Duncan coach David McGuire. “No one works harder than Jai’Vion in the classroom or in athletics. However, as great of an athlete that Jai’Vion is, he is an even better person. He will volunteer his time to help others, has a positive and pleasant attitude, and is a leader in every team and program that he is involved in.”


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