Tuttle's Luke Surber – Character Counts Presented by Eskridge Honda


By Derrick Smith

The success a team experiences is a mixture of hard work, skill, and team chemistry. And Luke Surber attributes his wrestling success to all three.

“We have a really tight knit team,” he said. “We are really close and we have had a great year.”

Surber is a junior at Tuttle High School, where he wrestles and plays football.

“I started wrestling when I was five years old so I have been at it for about twelve years,” he said. “This season is going really well for me personally, I am 36-1 and we have three tournaments left.”

Luke thanks his parents for making him who he is today.

“My dad, Matt Surber, has influenced me a lot as a person and also in wrestling,” he said. “Deah Surber, my mom, has shaped me into the young man I am today.”

The fact that Luke got into wrestling was an easy choice.

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“My dad has always been a wrestling coach so I was always in the wrestling room,” Surber said. “I started practicing when I was five or six about one or two days a week and I didn’t do so well my first year. The next year I did a lot better and I only lost one match. And I  just kept getting better and better.”

There have been a few wrestlers that Luke has looked up to.

“Bobby Williams, Zach Beard, and Tanner Litterell,” he said. “They were all from Tuttle and were always fun to watch. I really enjoyed watching them.”

For someone to be called a character athlete, Surber says they usually have definite qualities.

“I think that a character athlete is someone that is humble but they also have a certain confidence about them.”

There is one teacher that Luke would call his favorite.

“Barbara Alyworth is my math teacher,” he said. “I like her because she treats everyone fair and love to help others.”

Luke says that it is not easy to be successful in sports.

“It takes a lot of hard work, time, and sacrifice,” he said.

Outside of athletics, Surber is also a member of the National Honor Society.

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