Hinton’s Kenlee Chenoweth – Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Athlete of the Month

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Hinton senior Kenlee Chenoweth is active on her high school cheer team as well as a competition cheer team outside of school. She loves the close-knit feel of Hinton High and the support that the Comets give each other.

“My favorite thing about my high school community is that we are all really close,” she said. “Everyone always supports each no matter what.”

Chenoweth is also a part of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, where she is concurrently enrolled. She has already taken steps in the right direction to achieve her goal of working in the medical field.

“I’m currently enrolled in the Health Careers program,” she said. “I chose this program because my passion is to help people in need and I want to be in the medical field in the future and this class is the first step of getting into that.”

Kenlee Chenoweth - Hinton

Chenoweth’s favorite part of being enrolled in the program is that she’s never bored. As well as learning about what interests her, she gets to have hands-on experience.

“What I enjoy most about class is getting to learn something new every day and doing all the hands-on activities in the lab,” she said.

After high school Chenoweth plans to attend SouthWestern Oklahoma State University for nursing school. Chenoweth feels that the transition from high school to college will be much better after attending Caddo Kiowa.

“Caddo Kiowa Tech has prepared me for what college is going to be like,” she said. “I feel like when I get to college I will already be one step ahead because of how they’ve taught me. They have done an awesome job at teaching me about it and always applying what they teach.”


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