Bridge Creek's Brahkston Birchett – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Harley-Davidson World

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Bridge Creek cheerleader Brahkston Birchett had an interesting introduction to the sport.

“I was 15, going into my freshman year of high school,” said Birchett. “The owner of Tribe Cheer, David Urmie saw me tumbling and goofing around. He pointed at me and said ‘You’re joining my team.’ Before I knew it, cheerleading became my life. I became a high school cheerleader as well as an All-Star cheerleader.”

Between the Bridge Creek Bobcats and his two All-Star teams, Birchett has accumulated many great memories. A couple of them stand out in his mind.

“Being the first ever ‘Game Day State Champions’ and winning a paid bid to Worlds have to be my top two favorite moments so far,” he said.

Aside from winning, of course, Birchett says that his favorite part of competition is the crowd involvement.

“I love it when you can get the whole crowd pumped up and excited along with your team, and of course winning… Winning is pretty exciting!” he said.

Brahkston Birchett - Bridge Creek

Whatever the sport may be, one’s teammates always play a very important part. Birchett has a strong bond with his fellow cheerleaders.

“They are my family,” he said. “They have my back and I have theirs. I have played many sports, and cheerleading has such an amazing support system amongst teammates.”

Birchett is an athlete who believes in giving nothing but the best for his team and his sport.

“I always give 150% in everything that I do,” he said. “I always strive to be the best, and work hard to ensure I am always giving my all. I believe that you should not join a team if you aren’t going to give your all for yourself as well as your teammates.”

Looking forward to the future, Birchett admits that he never thought he would go to college, but cheer has changed his perspective and given him motivation to strive for more.

“Cheerleading has given me a whole new outlook on life and has certainly raised my goals,” he said. “Now that I have higher education goals, I am excited to have been offered cheerleading scholarships from several colleges. I have chosen to accept an offer from Southwestern Christian University for my undergrad degree.”