Elk City’s Kimberly Perez – Weatherford Area Cheerleader of the Month – Presented by Harley-Davidson World

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Weatherford-Chickasha Area Cheerleader of the Month Poll – Presented by Harley-Davidson World 

Kimberly Perez – Elk City, 48,906 votes

Brahkston Birchett – Bridge Creek, 38,080 votes

Karlee Martinez – Clinton, 14,257 votes

Payton Weil – Weatherford, 11,388 votes

Mollee McClary – Chickasha, 8,337 votes

Other cheerleaders receiving votes include Chandler Streber – Tuttle, Baylee Bearden – Lindsay, Bethany Bailey – Comanche, Abby Vail – Apache, Reagan Watford – Tuttle, Jody Webb – Lindsay, Abby Foster – Corn Bible, Kenlee Chenoweth – Hinton, and Cassidy Franklin – Minco.

Total Votes: 141,144

Kim Perez - Elk City

Kimberly Perez – Elk City 

Elk City cheerleader Kimberly Perez began the sport when she was eight years old. She wanted to try something new and ended up loving it. She is proud to represent her school with her teammates.

“My teammates mean so much to me,” she said. “The thing I enjoy most about competing for my high school is being able to put out what we have been working for,” she said. “I love getting to be there with all my teammates and turning into a family when we hit the mats. I love the memories we make from all the practices to the ride back home from the competition.”

As a senior and captain of the squad, Perez makes sure to hold herself to a high standard and give everything her best effort in and out of cheer. 

“Being a captain to the team has definitely made me open my eyes,” she said. “I had to start thinking like a leader and making sure that I made good decisions, not only for myself, but for the team. Knowing there were going to be people looking up to me, I knew I would have to start rethinking through every decision I made. Not only am I a leader to the cheer team but for the cross country and track team as well. I was, and still am, striving to be the best I can be through every sport. I strive to be the best that I can be even out of athletics because as a senior you start taking in a lot more responsibilities and begin to do what is best for yourself.”

Perez has had several great moments throughout her years of cheer at Elk City, but she says her favorite ones all took place at pep rallies, performing and getting everyone hyped up for that night’s game. 

Upon graduation Perez plans on attending the University of Central Oklahoma and majoring in teaching. She also wants to open her own dance studio in the future.