Lawton’s Cadet Marcus Jackson – Cameron Army ROTC Spotlight

Lawton’s own, Cadet Marcus Jackson, graduated from Lawton High School and is now a junior at Cameron University where he is a member of the ROTC program. 

Joining the Army ROTC program at Cameron was an easy decision for Cadet Jackson, despite not following his original plan after graduating. 

“Initially I wanted to enlist straight out of high school, but then I was told about the opportunities ROTC offered and decided to take that route instead of enlisting after graduating,” said Jackson. 


The ROTC program at Cameron gave Cadet Jackson an opportunity to continue his education while figuring out what his military career could bring. 

Military roots run deep in the Jackson household as both parents spent time serving the country. 

“My mom was a combat medic for 10 years and my father was in for 20 years on both enlisted and officer side,” said Jackson. 

Cadet Jackson is looking forward to starting his military career where he can utilize the leadership skills he has learned as an ROTC cadet. 

“I graduate May of 2020 and I most definitely plan on pursuing my military career,” said Jackson. “My major is psychology and my minor is military science.” 

Marcus JAckson-1

Jackson’s time as an Army ROTC cadet at Cameron has been filled with challenges that made him aware of what he can accomplish when pushed to be the best version of himself.

“I enjoyed how it pushed me to be better and want to change for the better. It helped me discover that I was capable of things I would’ve never thought possible for myself,” said Jackson. 

Cadet Jackson knew the military was the right choice for him, but other students may not be as confident in the decision to join. For students considering Army ROTC at Cameron University, Cadet Jackson offers this advice. 

“I would say, stay dedicated to it and be a sponge, soak up all the knowledge around you whether it be peer knowledge or knowledge from the cadre. Be humble and listen. There is a lot of experience and knowledge in the program that can help you in your military and civilian career,” said Jackson. 

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