Velma-Alma's Morgan Williams – Lawton-Ardmore Area Cheerleader of the Month Poll – Presented by OU Army ROTC

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Lawton-Ardmore Area Cheerleader of the Month Poll – Presented by OU Army ROTC

Morgan Williams – Velma-Alma, 30,312 votes

Holland Carter – Ryan, 21,286 votes

Isabella Darby – Altus, 19,154 votes

Katlyn Kitchens – Elgin, 14,764 votes

Haylee Burris – Lone Grove, 12,384 votes

Other cheerleaders receiving votes include Devyn Dennison – Marlow, Aubrey McDonald – Dickson, Josie Callen – Lawton, Kinsey Harper – Sulphur, Connor Holt – Duncan, Deryn Hobbs – Plainview, Mariah Malloy – Eisenhower, Sarah Zimmerman – Cache, Kalee Cross – Navajo, and Karlee Elam – Duncan.

Total Votes: 114,241

Morgan Williams - Velma-Alma

Morgan Williams – Velma-Alma

Velma-Alma junior Morgan Williams is loud and proud about her love of being a cheerleader for the Comets.

“I absolutely love competing as a Comet!” she said. “The amount of support and encouragement we get from our community is amazing. I think my favorite part is knowing that there are so many little girls looking up to us as cheerleaders and the opportunity to make a positive impact for future of Comet cheer.”

Williams, who began cheering when she was six, has built a strong bond with her teammates, especially during this year.

“I have really grown close to my teammates this school year and they mean so much to me,” she said. “They are my friends on and off the mat. Through the early morning practices and all the hard work we put in, we are always encouraging and supporting each other and I think that is so important.”

The team’s hard work shows, and for Williams, it paid off when she got to experience one of her favorite moments in competition.

“I think my absolute favorite moment in cheer was Regionals 2018,” she said. “We had so many fans from our community there to support us and they were chanting ‘VA Comets’ as they announced us to perform. We were the first squad to compete from my school in over 20 years so it was a very exciting day as we qualified for the Class 2A State Competition.”

Williams strives to be her best in cheer and in school, despite her busy schedule.

“Being a cheerleader as well as a student can definitely get busy and overwhelming at times. However, I am very dedicated and motivated to better myself as a cheerleader while always maintaining good grades and being the best student I can be,” she said.

With school spirit like Williams’, it is no surprise that her community rallied behind her and earned her the most votes in VYPE’s Cheerleader of the Month Poll.