Chickasha’s Juan Deleon – Character Counts Presented by First National Bank of Chickasha

Chickasha High School soccer standout Juan Deleon is passionate about the playing the sport he loves and being a good teammate. The Chickasha boys soccer team played to a 7-7 record this season, but for Deleon, growing as a team and becoming closer as teammates was a big win for the program. 

“I love our chemistry.  We all come from different backgrounds, but on the field we are all the same, playing for a common goal,” said Deleon. “My expectations were to go all the way. This season has been a roller coaster. We have been trying to work out some kinks, but if nothing else we have grown closer as brothers.”

Deleon started playing soccer before he can remember. As a family, he and his siblings would pick up a game any time, anywhere. 

“I have been playing soccer as long as I can remember, it started with my brothers in the yard and turned into a passion. The only other sport I played growing up was baseball,” said Deleon.


In the classroom, Deleon takes a similar approach to making the grades it takes to stay on the field. 

“Academics are important, I look at them as my job to get to play. I also have dreams of playing at the next level, so I know that I need to make the grades to do that,” said Deleon. Soccer is his main focus, but Deleon said he would like to become more involved in other school activities as an upperclassman. 

Deleon has big plans for his future, which includes continuing his education and playing soccer at the next level. 

“After I graduate, I want to go to college and pursue a degree in Marine Biology or Zoology. Ultimately, I would love to play college ball and then move on to pro ball,” he said. “My coaches here at Chickasha, coach Mantooth and coach Klipp, and my parents. They all push me to be better every day. They constantly push me to be more than I am and that gives me confidence. I feel like I am the type of player that is ready for anything, I will play wherever coach asks me. My natural positions are winger or striker.” 

Soccer is a centerpiece in Deleon’s life. When he’s not hitting the books you can find him kicking a ball around with some teammates. 

“I love to go to the fields and kick a ball around with my teammates. You can catch me on Insta hitting those banger upper 90s.”