Chickasha’s Matthew Thomas – Canadian Valley Tech Center Athlete Spotlight

Senior Matthew Thomas has big plans next fall. After graduating from Chickasha High School, Thomas plans to attend the University of Oklahoma and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. 

“I plan to attend the University of Oklahoma and obtain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Through the concurrent enrollment opportunities at CHS and the course at Canadian Valley Technology, I am proud to say that I have my freshman year completed. Whether I am able to finish in three years or take it easy and go for four years, this is a much appreciated head start for my college career. After college I simply hope to find an engineering job that I enjoy,” said Thomas. 

As a student at Canadian Valley Technology Center, Thomas made the decision to enroll in the pre-engineering program thanks to the encouragement of his math teacher. 

“The math teacher I had my sophomore year was the main reason I wanted to continue taking classes at CV Tech. Initially the classes provided by the pre-engineering program enticed me. His approach to teaching math was perfect for me, and I found that his explanations of not only the “how” but the “why” allowed me to learn more and even enjoy math slightly,” said Thomas.

“The courses I have taken through the pre-engineering program allowed me to obtain college credit for classes such as calculus and physics while also letting me have a taste of what an engineering career may be like. Higher education is expensive and knowing what you would like to do is essential, so you do not end up paying for course your final degree does not require.”

At Chickasha High School, Thomas is involved in several clubs including the robotics club. 

“Most of my free time is eaten up by my FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. As one of the four seniors on the team there is never a break even after build/competition season. I also am an officer of all the community service clubs at CHS which consist of Green Club, Key Club, and Junior Optimist Club. Amongst all this I still try to make time for my favorite hobby: volleyball,” Thomas said. “What I liked most about Chickasha High School was the large amount of concurrent enrollment opportunities at CHS. It allows for students to prepare for college the best way possible—actual university level experience. USAO and Redlands Community College are the main supports of these concurrent enrollment courses, which I cannot thank enough for their involvement and cooperation with CHS.”

Thomas is a motivated student and is looking forward to the challenges the University of Oklahoma will bring. 

“I was raised to value education so that of course is a major motivation for me, but learning is just something I appreciate a lot. It is a blessing to live in a country that so strongly supports education. It is just second nature now to strive to be my best in the classroom,” Thomas said.