Eisenhower’s Brayden Halberg – Lawton-Altus Area Baseball Player of the Month – Presented by OU Army ROTC

Lawton-Altus Area Baseball Player of the Month – Presented by OU Army ROTC

Brayden Halberg – Eisenhower, 44,229 votes

Skyler Cash – Bray-Doyle, 30,929 votes

Ralph Harford – Navajo, 28,831 votes

Jett Sparks – Comanche, 6,017 votes

Ryan Sanchez – Altus, 5,233 votes

Jaden Lingle – Navajo, 2,604 votes

Peyton Ladon – Marlow, 2,313 votes

Cade Kilcrease – Velma-Alma, 2,047 votes

Cole Fletcher – Granite, 1,543 votes

Harmon Newell – Lawton, 1,453 votes

Other athletes receiving votes include Creed Watkins – Duncan, Matt Cobbs – Marlow, Jack Smith – MacArthur, Kobe Gipson – Tipton, Trevor Bianchini – Elgin, Grayson Tomberlin – Ryan, Tully Booth – Bray-Doyle, Zach Mayes – Comanche, Kelby Shumaker – Navajo, Kaden Hans – Blair, Josh Bumgarner – Duncan, Alex Smith – Cache, Jacob McClenden – Comanche, Tre Harris – Eisenhower, Don Huber – Marlow, Brett Perry – Mangum, Henry Lopez – Mangum, Shon Boothe – Mangum, and Carson Funkhouser – Fletcher.

Brayden Halberg – Eisenhower

Lawton Ike senior Brayden Halberg has played the game of baseball since he was in second grade. He says that he was first interested in the sport because he would watch games on TV and it made him want to play.

He is now at the end of his final season pitching and playing first base for the Eagles. Although he says this season was pretty rocky at times, Halberg has enjoyed getting to represent his school over the years.

“I enjoy representing my high school and community because my actions and how I represent myself reflect back to how I was raised, where I grew up, and where I went to school,” he said. “I don’t want to be that person who makes others think a school is bad because they hold themselves in a disrespectful way. I want to be a good representation of my school.”

Someone in Halberg’s life who has helped mold his good character is his grandmother.

“I have looked up to my grandma as my role model,” he said. “She has helped raised me from birth and has done nothing but been supportive of me and my decisions I make. She has taught me to never take anything for granted and to enjoy things while you can.”

As any athlete knows, character is not only how you present yourself on the field, but how you conduct yourself off of it, too. Halberg keeps this in mind as he aims to be his best, even when it seems like no one is looking.

“What motivates me is that there is always someone watching you when you don’t expect it, so how you perform or act can make or break it for you,” he said. “You should always try your best and do everything 110%. There are always better opportunities ahead, but you can’t get there without working for it.”

This work ethic and high standard of character will surely lead Halberg to be successful after he graduates. His plans after high school are to attend college and pursue a degree in physical therapy.