Lawton Ike’s Courtney Beck – Lawton Athlete of the Month – Presented by Army National Guard

Lawton Eisenhower senior Courtney Beck has qualified for the state tournament two years in a row. This season, the No.1 bag for the Lady Eagles has committed herself to making the most of her final opportunity to compete as a high school student-athlete. 

“My expectations this year were way higher than last year, and so far I’ve done my best to shoot consistently in the 80s,” said Beck. 

Beck started her golf journey before she became a teenager and golf quickly became the sport for her. 

“I started playing golf when I was about 12 years old, and since I started playing it has been my main focus,” said Beck. 

Eisenhower head coach Shawn DeIorio said of Beck, “She is a great leader for my team and has always gone above and beyond. The team respects her and relies on her to help our team.” 

That commitment to her team is a big reason why teammates like Gracie Trogdan, Megan Bomboy and Josie Sass are supporting Beck in her final season. 

“My absolute favorite thing about my teammates is being with the all the time and having them grow to be my best friends,” said Beck. 

Classroom work doesn’t end up in the bunker with Beck. She is focused on making good grades and starting a new journey in college. 

“Academics are very important to me, but I try to enroll in classes that won’t be too hard for me to also balance golf,” said Beck. “After I graduate, I will be attending Bemidji State University in Minnesota and I will be competing on their golf team.”

Like most golfers, Beck has a favorite place to play and is always looking for a round somewhere. 

“The only activity I am in is golf, and I devote all my time to golf,” Beck said. “My favorite course that I have played is Quail Creek where I played state my sophomore year.” 

It was an uncle that set her on this course and Beck believes without his support, she may have never found her passion for the sport. 

“My biggest influence in my life is my uncle. He has always been supportive of me and he is the reason why I found my passion for golf. Without him I would have never gotten to where I am in my golf game today,” said Beck. 

In her free time you can find Beck practicing her golf game.

“I always take time to practice my golf game to get better for college golf!”