Marlow’s Chloe Brooks – Character Counts Presented by Coaches Corner

Varsity cheerleader Chloe Brooks has been in cheer for four years and her passion for the sport and her team is obvious.

“I love how spirited and driven we are to accomplish whatever task is in front of us. Our team chemistry is wonderful,” said Brooks.

As a senior this year, Brooks is looking to take advantage of every opportunity at Marlow High School. She has joined several clubs and focus more than ever on her academics.

“I am involved in FCCLA, Student Council, yearbook, journalism, National Honor Society, and band,” said Brooks. “My expectations for senior year are to take every opportunity I am given, make new memories, establish new friendships, and to truly leave a lasting impact on my peers.”

In the classroom, Brooks is determined to put in the work necessary to be just as successful academically.

“Academics are very important to me. I believe that one must put their academics above their extracurricular activities in order to be successful and stress-free in those activities. I plan on turning my passion of sports journalism into my future career,” said Brooks.

During her time at Marlow, Brooks has made many friends, but she does have one teammate and fellow senior when she needs someone to lean on for advice, strength and encouragement.

“My cheer teammate, Billie Harrison, has been a huge influence in every aspect of my life. She has shown me relentless strength and has encouraged me to build new friendships and to continue to get better in every activity that I am in,” said Brooks.

With the school year starting, seniors around Oklahoma are embarking on their final year of high school. Chloe Brooks is doing it with a sense of purpose and direction with an eye on her future.