Apache’s Duke Hall – Athlete of the Month Presented by Caddo Kiowa Technology Center

Duke Hall is a senior at Apache High School and a student at Caddo Kiowa Technology enter. Hall is involved in several activities at Apache High School including FCCLA and Student Council. He’s also a varsity football player. Hall starts on defense and is known for his speed and hitting ability at linebacker. In the offseason, Hall is also involved in weightlifting.

At Caddo Kiowa Tech, Hall is taking courses in the Health Careers program. A program that he hopes will teach him valuable skills he can use in his future career.

“It is the right program for me because I need it for my future career as a Hotshot Firefighter,” said Hall.

The skills taught at Caddo Kiowa Tech will give Hall the foundation for his future plans. But plans can change and if firefighting does not work out for Hall, working in a Health Careers field is always an option.

“It could be a backup plan for me,” said Hall. “What I have enjoyed most about the program are the new things I am learning and what I am going to learn.”

Hall’s future plans do include college and more sports.

“I intend to play at a Division II college and get good enough grades to eventually go to University of Oklahoma,” said Hall.

Hall said the biggest influences in his life have been his father and God.

My father is a preacher in prison changing lives! I am proud of the man my father is. He is my Hero! That is why God is also my hero, because I have such a great relationship with my father and he is a changed man,” said Hall.

Aside from sports and schoolwork, Hall enjoys doing CrossFit and working out. Hall believes his body is a temple and he works hard to maintain high standards for himself.

“I strive to workout every single day. If I get 25 pull-ups today I’m going to try and beat that number tomorrow,” said Hall.