Chickasha’s Gracie Weber – Athlete of the Month Presented by Bank of Commerce

By Derrick Smith

Athletes prepare in the offseason to be ready when the season rolls around. They practice whatever their sport requires. While Gracie Weber is ready for this season to come, it is for a completely different reason.

“I am really excited about the upcoming season,” she said. “My sister, Rylie, will be a freshman and we will finally be playing on the same teams together in both basketball and softball. I’ve always wanted to play together because I know she will be the one to challenge me and push me the most, which will help me to be the best athlete I can be.”

Gracie is a senior at Chickasha High School, where she plays centerfield for the softball team and shooting guard for the basketball team. She is not new to either sports, as she began playing both when she was six years old.

While she has looked up to a lot of people throughout her years playing sports, Weber says that her dad, has been her biggest influence.

“He has taught me that a person’s worth ethic is vital to their success in life on or off the field,” she said. “No matter how hard you think have worked, you can always work harder.”

The upcoming seasons bring a new hope for Gracie and her teammates.

“Last softball season was rather difficult, barely having enough girls to play and not having any wins,” she stated. “However, Coach St. Claire never gave up on us and his continued to build our program.  Coach Cravin, our new basketball coach, is going to be an asset to that program as well, This season is going to be a great for Chickasha Softball and basketball.”

When it comes to teachers, there is one teacher that taught Gracie more than the curriculum.

“Victor Morgan is my favorite teacher,” she said. “His influence on me wasn’t just about academics. It was all the little life lessons that I think about the most today.”

Weber has not been able to achieve her success in sports without a lot of work.

“It has taken a great work ethic, commitment, and determination for me to be where I am at.”

Outside of athletics, Gracie is also involved with First Priority and the National Honor Society. Even though graduation is still months away, Weber already has her plans set for life after high school.

“This fall I will be attending the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma for concurrent enrollment,” she said. “I will continue working hard to maintain my 4.0 grade point average and the track for Valedictorian. After graduation, I would like to attend Oklahoma State University or the University of Central Oklahoma.”