Elk City’s Madilyn Cummings – Character Counts Presented by Great Plains Bank

By Derrick Smith

Madilyn Cummings is a senior at Elk City High School, where she is a member of the cheer team. She is also the Elk City Character Counts athlete. She began cheering when she was in seventh grade. She currently is a base on the cheer squad.

“This past season was great and it taught me many things.”

For Madilyn, being named a character athlete is something she appreciates.

“It makes me feel good about myself,” she said. “I strive to be a leader to the younger girls and someone that they can look up to.”

While she has had a lot of people to learn from through the years, there are a couple of role models that have made the biggest impact on Cummings’ life.

“My mom, Miranda, and Jennifer Simon have been the biggest influence on my life. My mom teaches me many things. she has taught me the ways of life and how to be independent and has helped me through everything. And Mrs. Simon has taught me to always be kind and to always remember the good in everything and everyone.”

Simon is also the teacher at Woodward that Madilyn considers her favorite.

“She teaches spanish at Elk City,” she said. “She has taught me to always be kind and no matter what you go through there’s always something better in the end. Mrs. simon is the most kind-hearted woman and has taught me to always grow through, what you go through.”

Success at cheer is not something that comes easily.

“It takes a lot of hard work and commitment,” Cummings said. “Even when you don’t feel like practicing, you have to push through to make yourself better.”

Madilyn is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), and the Key Club. After she graduates high school in May, Cummings plans to attend the University of Central Oklahoma to be a teacher.