Elmore City-Pernell’s Blaze Blevins – FFA Spotlight Presented by Oklahoma AgCredit  

By Chandler Engelbrecht

In order to be a good football player, there are a few qualities one should have.

For example, you should be hardworking, passionate and, in some instances, be willing to get your hands dirty.

Elmore City-Pernell High School’s Blaze Blevins doesn’t just demonstrate these qualities on the field, he also demonstrates them in his involvement with FFA.

“I’ve been involved in 4-H since I was in 3rd grade,” he said. “I naturally made the step up to FFA in the eighth grade. My older sister was an officer and involved in many aspects of the FFA. I saw the opportunities it gave her and that’s what truly inspired me.”

The FFA strives to make a “positive difference” in the lives of its students by providing them with a premier education in agriculture. Blevins uses the opportunity to show goats.

“The [showing] process starts when you buy the goat you will show,” Blevins said. “You work with [the goat] all you can. When I say work with it I mean run the goat to build muscle and teach it how to “brace” or basically flex. It is important to get the goat used to touch so that the goat stays braced while the judge is judging.”

Along with showing, Blevins says that the organization’s drive to help others is what he loves about the FFA.

“What I enjoy most about the FFA is that the FFA gives you a sense of family,” he said. “There is such a vast selection of opportunities for everyone in the FFA. Everyone supports each other in finding their niche. My niche is showing and leadership. I enjoy the responsibility of both activities. Although they are both very time consuming, I love the challenge.”

Blevins, a junior, splits time between WR and TE for the Badgers’ football team. His main goal for this season is simple, in fact— it’s the same goal he was for his upcoming year with FFA.

“To be the best version of myself I can be and get better for next year,” he said.