Navajo’s Tabitha Armstrong – Western Oklahoma State College Athlete Spotlight

Tabitha Armstrong is a member of the Western State College basketball team. She graduated from Navajo High School and knew Western State was the right choice for her. 

“What I like most about being a student at Western is that there are several activities to get involved in and the people there are great,” said Armstrong. 

But coming from a small high school to college is an adjustment. Armstrong was able to adjust her schedule and find balance between academics and athletics. 

“Well the biggest adjustments would probably be managing my time. Because I do play basketball, we train a lot and we have games that are far away so I really have to keep up on homework but I manage,” said Armstrong. 

Her path at Western includes majoring in a Liberal Arts degree and pursuing a career in medicine. 

“My major at Western is Liberal Arts and I plan to continue college for a career in physical therapy or maybe sports medicine,” said Armstrong. “What I enjoy about my classes is that they are fairly easy and that if you are having trouble or you don’t understand something, you can always go to the teachers and get the help you need to pass.”

Armstrong is a natural leader on and off the court. She has the ability to lead, while setting an example for others to follow. She brings those qualities to the court and the classroom. 

When she’s not working on a paper or practicing her jumpers you can probably find her doing something around campus. 

Armstrong offers this advice for high school students who may be considering Western State College as their next home away from home. 

“My advice would be, I would tell them it is a great college and the community is great. They have many clubs and programs to be a part of and some of the classes are even easier than high school. They also have easy scholarships to apply for too! Everyone there just wants you to do your best.” 

Photo by Kelly Beane