Alex Longhorns – Cheer Spotlight Presented by Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith 

Photo by Two Sticks Photography

Cheer is making a comeback to Alex High School. The school ended the program in 2012. Amanda Chambers is at the helm as coach and will help establish the program and bring it back to life. Chambers is not alone in reviving the program. She says that she loves the fire she sees in her squad.  “They are so dedicated to creating a successful cheer program and becoming positive role models to those around them,” she said. “They are passionate to become great, they push through the hard things and never complain.”

Senior Albany Harris enjoys that her team loves the sport and they take it seriously.  “We all have a heart for this sport,” she said. “We always want to practice no matter how tired we are. We want to be better and learn new things.”

Helping to spread school spirit is something that freshman Delaney Chambers loves.  “We get to bring spirit and pride to our school and our town, by doing something we love. Everyone supports us and they are excited to have cheerleaders back. I love my team and how we work together and lift each other up.”

The team loves spending time together and bonding on different outings and events. They recently went on a team building adventure in Sulphur, where they spent the day laughing, swimming, hiking, and putting in some work. The team also recently volunteered at the Founder’s Day Celebration in Alex. 

Senior Maddy Morris says that seeing the community get excited about the games is rewarding for her and her teammates.  “The thing I enjoy most about cheering for my school is the excitement it brings not only to us, the cheerleaders, but also to the whole town. I enjoy cheering with my team because we have good teamwork.”

Being close, almost like a family, is something that Alex sophomore Jaidyn DeWitt enjoys the most.  “The thing I love about my team is the fact that cheer brings us together and makes us closer as friends and teammates.”