Alex’s Audrianna Fitzsimmons – Canadian Valley Technology Center Athlete of the Month

By Derrick Smith

Technology Centers throughout the state of Oklahoma introduce high school students to career opportunities that can be available to them after graduation. These programs allow students to receive hands-on training in a variety of fields, giving them a head-start on the rest of their lifes. 

Audrianna Fitzsimmons, who is a sophomore at Alex High School, also attends Canadian Valley Technology Center. She is in the Service Careers program and says it was an easy choice. 

“One of my high school teachers and I were discussing my future,” she said. “We both thought that the Service Careers program at Tech would be the best fit.”

While she has enjoyed the program, she also says that the people at Canadian Valley Tech are great too. 

“I like how the people in Service Careers and all over the tech center care about what you want to do when you get older,” she said. “And they also see how they help you with your future. It is a really good school for students to find what they want to do in the future.”

Fitzsimmons is also a member of the Alex softball team and a manager for the Lady Longhorns basketball team. She was a member of the basketball team previously, but decided to take on the new role this season.

“I was a part of the basketball team but I did not really enjoy playing basketball,” she said. “I decided to become a manager for the team instead. I enjoy it because I have made friendships with all the girls on the team and I didn’t want to lose those.”

Fitzsimmons says that she has a great friendship with fellow outfielder, senior Albany Harris. 

“I really look up to Albany because she works hard every day,” she said. “She also shows the other girls that no matter how hard it gets, keep going and never stop.”

Audrianna says that she loves the way her team handles both wins and losses. 

“I love that we all come together when we are not doing well,” she said. “On the other hand, I enjoy the way we celebrate our wins.”