Binger’s Layne Smith – Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Athlete of the Month

Binger High School junior, Layne Smith is a two-sport athlete and is very involved in school activities. She’s also a student at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center where she is studying in the Bio Medical program. Her future plans are not yet determined, but she does love studying in the medical field.  “I am not completely for sure, but I am definitely interested in the medical field,” said Smith. 

A softball and basketball starter, Smith chose the Bio Medical program at Caddo Kiowa Tech because it offered her an exciting option to expanding her educational goals.  “Caddo Kiowa was the right school for me because I saw the opportunity to further expand my education beyond what our high school offers,” said Smith. “We are just getting started but I enjoy getting to learn knew things and step out of my comfort zone.”

Her plan for the future includes going to college and possibly pursuing a degree in a medical field. But before she leaves for college, Smith and her teammates are focused on winning ball games. One person always pushing her to do her best on and off the field is her father.  “My dad always pushes me to try new things to better myself, even if it’s not something I’m comfortable with,” said Smith.

When she gets a moment to relax, Smith likes to be with friends and family.  “I enjoy playing softball and spending time with people who make me happy,” said Smith.