Duncan’s Linsay Cox – Character Counts Presented by Coaches Corner

By Derrick Smith

There are a few words that probably come to mind when you hear the term Character Athlete. Honesty and integrity are possibly a few of those words. While that is true, Linsay Cox says that sometimes it can be a little simpler than that.

“A character athlete, to me, is someone that is always there for their teammates,” she said. “Also, they always try to have a good attitude toward their fellow team members and opponents.”

Cox is a senior at Duncan High School. She is a member of the school’s volleyball and swimming team. Linsay has played volleyball for six years and began swimming competitively four years ago. 

“I began playing volleyball about six years ago,” she said. “I really enjoyed it but I wanted to do more than just one sport. I have always loved swimming so it just seemed like a natural fit.”

Success on the field and in the pool has only come to Linsay because of the work she has put in. 

“In order to get where I am today, it has taken a lot of hard work and practice,” she said. “It also has meant being at every single practice and cheering my teammates on, even if I am having a bad day.”

There have been many people who have helped her along the way, but there is one person that Linsay says is a role model that she looks up to. 

“My role model is definitely my best friend, Jordyn Ellis,” she said. “She is such a hard worker and she has always wanted to best out of me.”

Cox says out of all the teachers she has had throughout the years, there is one that made a big impact on her life. 

“My English III teacher, Mrs. Higle taught me many things other than just book work,” she said. She taught me to always put others first and to always keep trying.”

There are also other groups that Cox is a member of, including the National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Bison Aquatic Club, and she also volunteers for Special Olympics swimming.