Elk City Elks – Cheer Spotlight Presented by Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith 

A team of cheerleaders need a few things to be ready to cheer at a sporting event. They need to know the cheers, routines, and everything that goes along with it. There is one thing that the team needs in order to make all this move smoothly and look effortless, and Elk City cheer coach Gayla McClure says her team has it. “Our biggest strength is that we are a team,” she said. “The girls are friends, they help each other in everything they do, and they all work extremely hard. Also, I have the best support from the moms, which is really awesome to have.”

McClure, who has coached cheer for twenty-two years, says the team does things together outside of just cheer, which makes their bond closer. “We go to cheer camp together, which is great for team bonding,” she stated. “We have team dinners, run a firework stand, do a lot of community service projects, travel to games together, and have swim parties.”

Cheer captain Madilyn Cummings says that she enjoys cheer because the fans come and support the teams, no matter how they are doing. “I enjoy cheering for Elk City because they have a lot of hope. Win or lose, there are tons of people that come to the games. And I enjoy my team because everyone is good in their own way, we are always up for new stuff, and we try our hardest to work together and get closer as a team.”

Coach McClure says that she is proud of the support her team, along with all the other Elk City teams, receive. “Our town is a fantastic community. They show their support for the student athletes, and so does our school administration.”

No matter what happens, captain Kaitlyn Hebel says that her team can handle it. “Our team is always willing to learn new things and we always stay positive, even when things get thrown our way,” she said. “Cheering for my school is great because I am able to support my teams while doing the thing I love the most, cheering with my best friends.”