Pauls Valley Softball Q&A with Carlie Vestle & Tricia Hines – Presented by Carter County Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM

What sports do you play?

TH: Softball is the only sport that I play. I started playing when I was in t-ball. I play at shortstop most of the time, but sometimes I play second base.

CV: I play softball, I mostly play pitcher and center field, but I can play anywhere I am needed. I have been playing softball for eleven years.

What does it mean to you to be able to share this with your teammate?

TH: It means a lot to me that we got this opportunity. Her and I both said to each other ‘If I don’t win it, you better’. We were positive about this, so for us to both get it is pretty cool.

CV: I’m happy to get to share this award with a teammate. Tricia is one of my best friends and she deserves this recognition that’s why I was so happy to know she won the poll as well.

Who have been some role models that you have looked up to throughout your life?

TH: Personally, I don’t have any famous people that I really look up to. I have always looked up to the older girls that I have played with. Now, that I am a senior, it is my turn to be a role model for the younger one.

CV: My biggest role model is Billie Eilish she really opened my eyes to new things and always makes it known to never quit being yourself and that’s something that’s really important to me. 

In your opinion, what does it take to be successful?

TH: It takes a lot of work. Not only on the field, but also off the field too. You have to know how to control your attitude, because it can rub off on your teammates. You also have to learn how to accept failure.

CV: It’s taken a lot to become successful with the game of softball and I still have a lot to learn. Almost everyday you have practice whether its pitching or hitting lessons, waking up at sometimes 4:30 in the morning for softball tournaments and ending up playing until 11:30 at night just to wake up the next morning and doing it all over again. And not to mention Practicing and playing in the freezing cold but softball is my sport and I love it.

Who has been your favorite teacher?

TH: My favorite teacher is coach Wilkerson. He has been there my entire high school career and has always pushed me to do my best. He has taught me that failure it part of the game and you just have to work around it to better yourself. 

CV: It’s hard to just pick one favorite teacher, so I would definitely have to say Mrs. Pool and Mrs. Lemay. They’ve helped push me beyond my limits and helped me out through out every aspect of life. I’m beyond grateful for them. 

What has been the highlight moment of your sports career?

TH: The highlight moment of my career is just seeing my team become a family. Each year we get a new young group of freshmen and our job as older girls is to make the younger ones feel accepted and comfortable. I know when I was in their position I was terrified. 

CV: The highlight of my career would’ve probably been whenever I made the all American nationals team and got to travel to Florida to play in the World Series at the Walt Disney ESPN fields. It was so amazing.