Minco’s Trevor Morris – Canadian Valley Technology Center Athlete Spotlight

By Derrick Smith

Canadian Valley Technology Center offer students the ability to get a head start on their future and career. Trevor Morris is one of those students that is taking advantage of this opportunity. He says that he is excited about his future.

“CV Tech is opening so many doors for my future,” he said. “I believe with their help, I will have a lot of options for careers in the future.”

Morris is a junior at Minco High School. He first heard about tech from his parents, and he is now a member of the pre-engineering class at the Chickasha campus. “My parents told me about tech,” he said. “I like hands-on activities and there are plenty of those at tech. I chose pre-engineering because I have always enjoyed building things.”

There is no doubt that he would encourage those thinking about tech to definitely check it out. “I would tell them not to hesitate,” Trevor said. “It makes learning easier and fun. Also, you get to work at your own pace.”

Trevor plays basketball and runs track at Minco. He says he plays because he enjoys the feeling. “I like the challenge of giving it all you have to win.”

He says his biggest role model in his life is his dad, Tony Morris. “My dad has always pushed me to keep going, even when I wanted to quit,” he said. “Jesus Christ would have to be my other role model. He has always been a huge part of my life.”

His most memorable moment in sports came during the basketball season when Trevor was a sophomore. “We made it to the State Tournament and got to play in the Big House,” he said. “We won our first game, but lost in the semifinals. It was a great experience.”

There are also a few clubs that Trevor is a part of, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, and Business Professionals of America.