Cameron University’s Emily Rackley: ROTC Spotlight

Cameron University freshman Emily Rackley has no trouble with commitment. Being a part of Army ROTC is all a part of her plan.

“My average day begins at 0600,” Rackley said. “I have physical training for an hour, then I go back to my dorm to get ready for class at 0930. While I’m waiting on that, I work on homework, catch up with friends and eat breakfast. On Friday, all the cadets have lab, which consists of training in the field for three hours. I go to work after that, then begin my weekend full of homework and friends.”

Upon graduation, Rackley plans on commissioning as an Army Officer and pursuing a career in counterintelligence.

Rackley highlighted Army ROTC’s commitment of providing college students with the opportunity of being world-class leaders. “I think ROTC will give me the leadership skills for not only the military, but in civilian life as well. As a member of society, we have the choice to be leaders or followers. With ROTC, they teach us how to stand out and how to lead groups of people. This could be simply taking a group of people from one place to another or leading those same people onto the battlefield. They teach you to think of the future outcome of choices that we make as leaders, and I think that’s an important quality to have as a leader.”

When it comes to leading others down the path to Army ROTC and JROTC, Rackley wants those who are interested to not let the fear of the unknown scare them away.

“Allow yourself to experience new things about yourself. You’re not just preparing for the military, you’re preparing for life and for adulthood. Sure, sleep may be nonexistent, but in the grand scheme of life, you’ll be thoroughly glad you joined Army ROTC, even if you decide to ultimately leave the program.”