Fletcher’s Logan Powers: Lawton Area Athletes of the Month Presented by Cameron ROTC

By Derrick Smith

When most children are young, their parents have them try a variety of sports in order to see what they enjoy and also, what their skill set is best suited for. That is what happened with Logan Powers, and he found which sport he liked the best. “My mom had me play many sports when I was younger,” Powers said. “Out of all of them, basketball stuck and it was definitely my favorite.” 

Logan is a senior at Fletcher High School. He plays point guard, and says that he enjoys basketball mostly because it is a fast paced game and there is never a dull moment. 

There are two people that Logan looks up to as role models. One is someone he knows very well and the other is a professional athlete. “My dad, James Kelley, is my biggest role model,” he said. “He has taught and coached me and has helped me become the athlete and person I am today. Lonzo Ball is an athlete that I look up to.” 

A teacher at Fletcher has made a big impact on Powers’ life by teaching more than just what is in the text books. “My high school algebra teacher, Inju Snyder, is my favorite teacher,” he stated. “She has taught me to always give everything my best, no matter what it is.” 

Becoming the athlete he is today has been something that Logan has worked hard for. “There has been a lot of time spent in the gym after practice and on my own time,” he said. 

One of the things that Logan enjoys most about basketball is the team atmosphere and sharing different experiences with them. “Anytime the whole team is together is a good time,” he said. “And when we are winning as a team is even better.”