Weatherford’s Jaxon Ratterree: Weatherford Spotlight Presented by Pond Agency American National

As a point guard and quarterback for the Weatherford Eagles, Jaxon Ratterree said he has fallen in love with the role of being a leader on the gridiron or the hardwood.

“It has helped me tremendously, because I know have to work even harder to get others to look at me and do the same,” Ratterree said. “And I know I wouldn’t be able to do that without the support of my teammates. I am honestly blessed to be elected one of their leaders. I’ve just taken the role and run with it.”

The senior, who also plays second base for the Eagles baseball team, said he’s always loved sports, but really started to notice improvements in the seventh grade.

“I fell in love with working with the guys and working for something bigger than just myself,” he said. “This year I want to work to be as good as I can be, and as a team, do our jobs the best way we can, and work on what we can control. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Ratterree said college and athletics were definitely in his after high school plans, but he hadn’t narrowed down which sport or what college yet. He said he enjoys watching pro sports in his spare time, and tries to emulate Kyrie Irving when it comes to distributing the basketball.

“I love how Irving plays,” he said. “He can do it all: dribble, distribute the rock, and score at any time. He’s also good with his hands on defense. He has a way of playing quick, and I like to try to play quick like that. I also believe in being accountable and doing everything to the bet of your ability, no matter the outcome.”