Binger-Oney’s Isabella Delgado: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Caddo Kiowa Tech Center

By Derrick Smith

Students who attend a technology school may have a couple of different experiences. They may consider the tech school because they do not know what they want to do for their career. The others are those that may have a couple of different options but cannot decide.

Isabella Delgado was in the second group, but says that her time at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center is helping her make up her mind. “When I came to tech, I was unsure if I wanted to be a nurse or a physical therapist,” she said. “The Health Careers program I am in is helping me decide.”

Delgado is a senior at Binger-Oney High School and says that the Health Careers program is her a great look at the medical field. “I am learning how to give medicine and take care of patients,” she said. “I am also learning a lot of medical terminology, which is very beneficial.”

She plays soccer for Binger-Oney and also serves as manager for the school’s softball and basketball teams. Isabella says that her most memorable moment was having a shutout game while playing goalie.

There have been a lot of people that have helped Isabella get to where she is today, but there are two that have made the biggest impact on her. “Coach McIntire pushed me to be better both on and off the field.”

Her Papa, Aurelio Cervantes, taught Delgado to never give up even when things are difficult. “In December 2018 he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer,” she said. “When he heard the news he stayed strong for all of us. He said he was going to fight it and never give up. Unfortunately, he lost his battle on October 15, 2019. He has left me with one of the greatest gifts anyone can leave, the gift of strength. He fought with so much dignity and strength. I carry his strength with me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.”