Cyril’s Vacie Chrismon: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Caddo Kiowa Tech Center

By Derrick Smith

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center offers students the ability to get a hands-on look at what future career they may be interested in. Attending the technology center was an easy choice for Vacie Chrismon after she heard a class that she was interested in was offered. “I first heard about Caddo Kiowa Technology Center from my counselor,” she said. “I became really interested when I found out they offered a welding class. So I enrolled in Welding and Metal Fabrication.”

Chrismon, a senior at Cyril High School, says that she first learned about welding at her high school and her interest grew from there. “I started welding in my Ag class at Cyril,” she said. It made me interested in expanding my education about how it works.”

The time she is putting in at tech is giving Vacie what a career in welding will look like and what to expect. “It is giving me a good view of my future career and it gives me more practice to improve.”

Vacie says that she would recommend tech to every high school student, because it has helped her out so much. “I would tell people to take classes at tech if they are able to,” she said. “It will give them a great opportunity to get a head start on their future goal.”

Along with attending tech, Chrismon is also a member of the Cyril Lady Pirates fastpitch and slowpitch softball teams. “I really enjoy our team,” she said. “I like getting to go out and have the privilege to play with a great group of girls who are also like family.”

While she has made a lot of great memories on the softball field, there are two things that stand out the most to Chrismon. “The two things that have been great for me has been making new friends and making it to the State Tournament twice.”

There are two people that have played big parts in Vacie’s life and helped her to get where she is today. “Coach Persinger and coach Donnie have helped me to improve in softball and also at becoming a better person.”