Fort Cobb’s Jake Biddy: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Caddo Kiowa Tech Center

By Derrick Smith

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center offers students a wide variety of courses to choose from. Most students in the area take a tour of the facility to become aware of what courses are offered. But Jake Biddy had an easier way to find out all the info he needed. “I first heard about Tech from my mom, who works there,” he said. “I was first interested because of the possibilities it could bring me. A great curriculum, more college preparation, and also being able to meet new people.”

Jake, who is a junior at Fort Cobb-Broxton, is enrolled in the Pre-Engineering program because he plans on becoming an engineer. “This course offers so much preparation and readiness for that field,” he said. “I’ve looked at the classes colleges make kids take who are trying to be an engineer and each one of the classes I’m taking at tech is a huge stepping stone for those college classes.”

At Fort Cobb-Broxton, Biddy is a member of the Mustangs’ baseball and basketball teams. He says that while he loves sports, he enjoys being part of a team. “I love to experience the excitement and challenges of winning and losing with my teammates,” he said. “The adversity it brings makes me stronger as both a player and person.”

Jake has a lot of people in his life that have helped him become the player and person he is today. “My mom has been a big influence on me,” he said. “She is always there to pick me up after a bad game and help me through tough times. My dad is always the one who pushes me to be the best athlete I possibly can even when I don’t believe I can. My coaches and teammates have pushed me and helped me be a part of a team and go out and compete everyday in the sports that I love.”