Fort Cobb’s Mariah Gonzales: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Caddo Kiowa Tech Center

By Derrick Smith

Fort Cobb-Broxton’s Mariah Gonzales knows that each time she steps on the basketball court, she has one person that has helped her get where she is and become the person and athlete that she is today. “My mom has been everything to me,” she said. “She has influenced me by pushing me to be a better player and person. She always made sure I practiced, making sure I am keeping up with my grades and she makes sure she is at all my games to support me. I am thankful for her.”

Gonzales, a senior, plays point guard for the school’s basketball team. She is also a member of the Yearbook, Student Council, and the Native American Club. While Gonzales look up to her mother, she also has a few other people that have impacted her life. “Katie Lou Samuelson and Crystal Dangerfield have a great passion, their great sportsmanship, their playing styles. They are just overall talented players.”

Mariah enjoys the game of basketball and works hard to be the best that she can be. “I enjoy basketball because of the competition,” she said. “I get to play with my teammates that are dedicated as I am and basketball makes me feel good. I want to become the best athlete I can be and I have to make sure I am putting in the work to achieve that. I want to be successful on the court and in life.”

One of her teachers at Fort Cobb-Broxton has made an impact on Mariah, not just with her education, but also with life lessons. “Mrs. Bellamy is my favorite teacher,” he said. “She has taught me that I am special, hard work pays off, and remain true to myself. She reminds me to always smile and to always be happy.”

The biggest moment of Gonzales’ career happened last season. “My highlight moment would have to be beating Cyril to win the Caddo County Tournament championship game,” she said. “It felt really great.”