Chickasha Athlete of the Month: Brittany Grissam Presented By First National Bank & Trust Co

By Ember McElrath

Being a freshman doesn’t stop Brittany Grissam from making a mark at Chickasha High School. Brittany started basketball playing for the YMCA when she was seven years old. Brittany plays the position of point guard for the team. She is also involved with the track team and FCA.

Basketball is a lot of hardwork and dedication. “What I love most about basketball is the nonstop work,” said Brittany.

She also can’t get enough of the love and support from her team. “No matter how bad I play or somebody else plays we always know we have a family behind us,” Brittany said.

Playing a high school sports takes a lot of dedication so Brittany knows how to focus and prioritize the task at hand.

“Whenever I’m not in basketball I focus only on school work and making sure I don’t fall behind or let one of my grades drop, whenever I’m in basketball I focus on trying my hardest to get better,” Brittany said.

This season she is looking forward to getting better as a team. “I’m hoping our team will be the team that people look up to in the future,” Brittany said.

Being involved in a sport like basketball has taught Brittany many important skills that she finds useful off the court. “Basketball has taught me to keep my composure and to keep pushing,” said Brittany.

After high school, Brittany would like to attend Oregon State University to receive a bachelor degree and pursue a degree in interior design.