Altus’ Tyler Bush – Character Counts Presented by Jackson County Memorial Hospital

By Travis Sloat

Altus senior Tyler Bush likes to find inspiration in things not often found in the vocabulary of high school athletes.

“I like to paint, do yoga and meditation, and listen to music,” Bush said, when asked about his free time activities. “The yoga helps me with my balance and flexibility, and meditation helps me relax.”

Bush is a two-sport athlete, playing basketball and golf, but said his first love is played on the hardwood.

“I love how fast the game is,” he said. “How anything can happen within a matter of seconds. I also love the satisfaction I get after hitting a shot, and I love the high fives from the guys when we’re successful. It’s a great sport.”

As for goals this year, Bush said he wants to be an encouraging teammate, and be able to make plays when his team needs him to. He said he likes to base his defensive game on what he sees in Tre Jones (Duke), and his offensive game on guys like Trae Young (Atlanta), and James Harden (Houston).

“I’ve also always been inspired by Kobe Bryant because of his work ethic,” Bush said.

Bush said he thinks having good character involves being a leader, whether it’s on the court or off.
“You have to lead others by your actions, have integrity, and not take shortcuts,” he said. “You have to have mental toughness, and persevere through the tough times. That shows character, and can influence your teammates to do the same.”