Alex’s Jon Fitzsimmons: Basketball Spotlight Presented By Coaches Corner

By Derrick Smith

High school student-athletes enjoy sports for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy it for the competition, while others enjoy the camaraderie that is built with teammates. Jon Fitzsimmons says that the reason he enjoys it is a little more of the first reason.

“I enjoy playing all of my sports,” he said. “I like basketball because I love the rush I get when I play. It is also a great as a team to get the win.”

Fitzsimmons is a senior at Alex High School. He is forward for the Longhorns basketball team, but he can play any position. He began playing basketball in the fifth grade and has been playing ever since. Jon also plays football and runs track.

The influence of Jon’s father is how we got started playing basketball.

“Growing up in a small town, there really is not a lot to do,” he said. “So my dad and I would shoot hoops as something to do. I really enjoyed that time and it sparked my love of basketball.”

There have been a lot of people that are part of Jon’s life but there is one person that has set a great example for him.

“My grandpa, Rick Thornburg, is my biggest role model,” Fitzsimmons said. “He will bend over backwards for anyone. He has taught me how to be a young man.”

In the classroom, there is a teacher that has made a big impact on Jon’s life.

“Mr. Sutterfield would be my favorite teacher,” he said. “He has taught me to be the best person I can be every day and try your best while you are at it.”

Jon says that he has not made it to where he is today without some sacrifice and determination.

“There has been a lot of hard work and never stop pushing myself and my teammates.”

While there have been a lot of great moments during his time in sports, Jon hopes that his highlight moment will be at the end of this basketball season.

“The biggest moment of my career will be playing in the state tournament this, my senior year.”