Lookeba-Sickles’ Korey Aytes: Basketball Spotlight Presented by Harley Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

Coaches play a big role in the lives of student-athletes and sometimes more than people realize. They are with the students each day at practice, during games and tournaments, as well as on the road trips out of town. Korey Aytes says he looks up to two of his coaches because of the positive impact they have had on him.

“I definitely look up to coach Thiessen and coach Wilson,” Aytes said. “They both push me to be my best always. They may chew on me when I’m not playing to my potential, but neither of them hesitate to tell me awesome job, or give me a fist bump, or even give me a hug when I have had an amazing game, or made an awesome play. They love not only me but also the team and treat us boys as if we are all part of their families.”

Korey is a senior at Lookeba-Sickles High School, where he is a member of the basketball and baseball teams. He plays shooting guard on the basketball court and pitcher, third base, shortstop, and catcher on the baseball diamond. He is no stranger to either sport, as he started playing baseball at five years old and basketball at seven years old.

Along with his coaches, there are two other important people that have a great influence on Aytes’ life.

“My parents have taught me what love, patience, and hard work is,” he said. “My mom and dad are two of my biggest supporters and I am thankful for them.”

There have been a lot of great moments during Korey’s athletic career, but there are some special ones that stand out.

“We have multiple appearances at the state tournament in baseball,” he stated. “My freshman year, we won the Class A Baseball State Championship. In basketball, we made it to the Class B Semifinals last season. Also, I was named Washita Valley Conference MVP and All-State Honorable Mention last season in basketball.”