Plainview’s Luke Christensen: Spotlight Presented By Oklahoma Army National Guard

Plainview High School’s Luke Christensen has been a member of the Academic and Scholastic team all four years of high school. He also played golf from his freshman to junior year. Christensen has decided to join another team, the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

“Originally, I had planned on joining the Army through the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program at Oklahoma State University. However, exploring all options, I contacted an Oklahoma National Guard recruiter in Stillwater, who referred me to a recruiter in Ardmore. After meeting with my recruiter in Ardmore I decided that joining the Guard along with the ROTC program had many advantages,” said Christensen. “For example, the Guard offers an enlistment bonus for certain military occupational specialties (MOS) and if an individual were to join their state’s National Guard, they would have the opportunity to directly give back to their communities.”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Christensen is excited to get his career underway.

“My family has had a pretty extensive US military history, which has been most recently demonstrated by my dad serving in the Army from 1995 to 1998, being stationed with an artillery unit at Fort Sill. The family history of military service extends to my dad’s grandfathers, both of which served in the Army through the Second World War, and my mom’s grandfathers, one serving in the Army and one serving in the Navy during WWII,” said Christensen.

Christensen has classmates who are joining the military as well. Two are attending OSU as cadets in ROTC, while a third has decided to join the Marine Corps.

“I didn’t look at any other branches besides the Army, but the educational opportunities and military experience offered by the Guard made it an offer I couldn’t even consider turning down. Had I looked away from the opportunity provided by the Oklahoma National Guard, it would have been a decision that I would later regret,” said Christensen.

After basic training and AIT school, Christensen will serve as a 13 Foxtrot or Fire Support Specialist.

“My duties as a 13F would be leading, supervising, or serving in intelligence activities like processing targets for artillery units,” said Christensen.

While serving in the Oklahoma Army Guard, Christensen will attend Oklahoma State University where he will major in political science as part of the ROTC program. Upon graduation, he will receive his officer’s commission in the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

Christensen offers some sound advice to other high school students looking to further their education through the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

“If I were to give any advice to those who are considering joining the Guard, I would say reach out to your local recruiter to find out what the Oklahoma Army National Guard has to offer and if it is right for you. Challenge yourself mentally and physically. Don’t let your ideas remain ideas. Step up, give your utmost effort, act on your ideas, and turn them into your reality.”