Southwest Oklahoma Top 26 Girls Basketball Players

Southwest Oklahoma Top 26 Girls Basketball Players

Editors Note: Bryce Davis is a 15 Year Veteran OSSAA Basketball Official who is an avid follower of Oklahoma High School Sports. Bryce is most familiar with players West of Highway 81. If you feel a NW or SW area player has been omitted, there is a chance that he was unable to see this person compete.  Feel free to give us your feedback via e-mail

Weatherford girls are on the NW list.  Check that list out here:

  1. AVERI ZINN- ANADARKO- Coach Jeff Zinn’s eldest of three daughters on the defending 4A State Champions, Averi is the Warrior sharpshooter. Her teammates find a way to get her the ball on critical possessions and she is a tireless defender and unmatched intensity. Averi is the Captain of the best girls basketball team in the state.


  1. JORDAN BLOOMFIELD- FLETCHER – Class A’s second leading scorer in 2019, Bloomfield is an explosive athlete, she has size, speed and strength advantage on most small school defenders, attacks the rim and is arguably one of the best 3 Point Shooters in all West Oklahoma basketball.


  1. KAYLEE BORDEN- ANADARKO- Praised to be Western Oklahoma’s premier basketball athlete, she is the best defender in Western Oklahoma, if not the state, she traditionally guards the opposition’s top player, Borden is a fearless penetrator, she has great touch when finishing around the rim


  1. LEXIE FOREMAN- ANADARKO -One of the big three returning starters from Anadarko, Lexie hails from a proven line of Foreman basketball players from Caddo County, long and lean she makes contested shots look easy, Foreman is a quality multi position defender and can rebound effectively outsider her area.


  1. LAKYISA JOHNSON- ALTUS- Athletic guard and forward that excels both on and off the ball and has great vision for her teammates, Johnson uses her strong frame to overpower defenders and get into the lane where she can score easily, she’s a threat from the short perimeter if left uncontested.


  1. BROOKLIN BAIN- COMANCHE- Her basketball instincts are as good as any in this area, Bain facilitates the Lady Indian offense for herself and her teammates, a strong frame, she is a difficult matchup on the perimeter and only gets tougher the closer she gets to the paint.


  1. MIKAELA HALL- LAWTON EISENHOWER- Great length and athleticism, excellent quickness and is an effective penetrator, Hall does an impressive job of creating space between her and the defender for scoring off the dribble, an outstanding shooter and has great range.


  1. AMAYA GORDON – ARDMORE – Do everything player who is very fast and athletic, Gordon has a knack for making plays on offense and getting steals on defense.


  1. RACHEL BARRY- HYDRO- EAKLY Explosive player for her size and is much stronger than her frame projects, plays hard every time out. Barry is an excellent defender, if the Bobcats score in transition its likely due to Barry putting a hand on it. Rachel rebounds well on both ends and has a smooth shot from the arc.


  1. HALEY SCHREK- CANUTE- Ultra-athletic interior player with versatility. Haley cleans the glass and handles the ball well in transition. She has a quick first-step that breaks down defenders. Schrek has good mobility and is the Lady Trojan biggest shot block presence and has keen timing for invoking offensive fouls.


  1. KIRA BERKEY- HYDRO -EAKLY- Plays with a high intensity and a solid defender. Good finisher and recipient of lots of great passing from her teammates. Kira is tough to guard in single coverage and is able to get a good first step on most defenders, she is a consistent threat from the outside that keeps defenses alert.


  1. KATIE EDELEN- ARAPAHO BUTLER- Long and tough athlete who has one of the best shooting touches in the North West, Edelen is a good ball handler for her position, excellent face up midrange shooter and finds a way to get her hands on offensive rebounds for put- backs and a solid finisher.


  1. CAELBI CRUSHER- DUKE- A finesse player that uses her height to take advantage of smaller perimeter players, she plays with a high motor for her stature, great end to end speed, Crusher is an excellent rebounder and a traditional high basketball IQ that is indicative of the Duke Girls Basketball program.


  1. KIRSTYN STRAIN- CANUTE- Athletic combo-guard/forward with length and good handles. Kirstyn directs the half-court game and is able to knock down the jumper from anywhere on the perimeter. Defensively, Strain is able to lure less experienced offenses into mistakes, she has very active hands in the passing lane.


  1. ERIN HENRY- LAWTON MACARTHUR- Smooth floor-leader she pushes the tempo and distributes for the Highlander offense. She passes with flair, reads pressure and breaks down defenders. A proven shooter from the wings and can’t be left unchecked in transition.



  1. JADE MILLAN- EMPIRE- Physical athlete that is an outstanding Inside out player, great pressure and defensive instincts, Millan is excellent at lulling her player she defends into blocked shots, runs the floor well, smooth stroke and able to hit the 3 ball on a catch and pull in transition.


  1. ABYGAYLE MASHANEY- LOOKEBA SICKLES- Caddo County Tournament MVP as a freshman and a player to watch in the SW for the next few years. Mashaney is one of the best transition ball handlers and scorers in the area, she reads pressure and is able to splits traps and distribute to an experienced Lady Panther cast.



  1. NAOMI SMITH – LAWTON EISENHOWER- Confident lead-guard that brings eye opening quickness to the back court. Naomi has a solid jumper with impressive range. Smith also uses a very smooth drive attack that yields fouls and free-throws.


  1. CAMELLLA JEFFERSON- CLINTON- Outstanding facilitator who is as good as anyone pushing the tempo and creating shots for her team, Carmella has an outstanding fake to the basket and step back shot that is proven from any range on the floor, excellent defender and has great hands.


  1. LEXIE MCLEMORE- CYRIL- Speedy lead guard with a good inside penetration game. Lexie is tough to contain in the open floor and is a deep range threat if left open by opposing defenders. Mclemore has a good change of pace handles and plays up tempo in late quarters when it counts.


  1. LAYNE SMITH- BINGER ONEY- Versatility, power, and excellent teammate. Her best work is face up against the defender and basket, a soft touch on her jumper and has very good range on the wing. Layne is an accurate passer, has perceptive court awareness and she is workhorse on the glass.


  1. KILEY EASTER- SAYRE- Tough, aggressive point guard that is lethal in transition. A 1 v 1 creator, Easter breaks down man to man defenders and is great scorer and passer off the dribble. Her quickness and outstanding ability to get open make her a defensive focus every night.


  1. GABBY RODRIGUEZ- TIPTON- A terrific scorer who is a definite threat in transition, her quick handles can cut up defensive lanes and create scoring opportunities for herself and teammates, Rodriguez has great body control and able to make tough shots off the dribble.


  1. TRISTAN BAKER- NINNEKAH- Athletic lead-guard with a scoring punch in the back court. Tristan is explosive off the dribble, quick-leaper and attacks the basket with body control to rim. She has the ability to finish plays in traffic and is a smooth shooter from the perimeter.


  1. LARYN GARRISON- LOOKEBA SICKLES- Agile forward that handles the ball well. Garrison pushes tempo and distributes well in the Lady Panther transition game. Her height on the perimeter gives most small school defenders match up issues. Layrn has a smooth stroke on her jumper.


  1. MADISON ROLLINS- HOLLIS- Fundamental floor leader that is able to handle defensive pressure and drives to the basket with ease. Madison finishes plays in traffic and is an excellent shot decision maker. She has a crafty dribble fake and shoot that is difficult to defend.