Cameron University’s Jennyln Thompson – Spotlight Presented By Cameron University Army ROTC

This month’s ROTC Spotlight from Cameron University is Jennyln Thompson, the 28-year-old powerlifter. Thompson says she has a lot of different reasons for entering the ROTC program.

“As I progressed through the program, I found those reasons changing,” she said. “It became more about helping others. Everything I have done in my life revolved around helping other people, and that in itself comes with challenges. It has forced me to step out of my way of thinking, to see things from a different perspective.”

Thompson’s inner strength can only be matched by her physical strength, where she has set personal records of 385 pounds in squats, 240 pounds on the bench, and 405 pounds on the deadlift. Along with increasing those weights, Thompson also highlights her personal goals she wants to achieve.

“I want to place top three in national powerlifting meet, travel all over different parts of the world, dedicate more of my time out of the week to helping others in need, and reading a lot more,” she said. “I also want to get accepted into the physical therapy program and continue with it, and finally I want to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army and make that a career.”

When it comes to selecting ROTC, Thompson explains the importance of thinking about the program and why one would want to commission as an officer.

“ROTC gives you more than just educational experiences,” she said. “It’s an organization that goes beyond the classroom. You give back to the school and the community with volunteer efforts. It prepares you for leadership roles whether those roles are in the military or not.”