Eisenhower’s Joshua Saldana: Wrestler of the Month Presented By Cameron University Army ROTC

By Derrick Smith

Athletes can enjoy many great moments throughout their career. Whether it is hoisting a trophy or wearing a medal, knowing that all the work has paid off can be a great feeling. But according to Joshua Saldana, an equally as good of a feeling is being recognized by your peers.

“One of the best memories I have of my time playing sports was being selected by my teammates to be a captain of the wrestling team,” he Saldana stated. “I was a junior but knowing that they thought that highly of me meant a lot.”

Joshua attends Eisenhower High School, where he is a senior. Along with being a captain of the wrestling team, he also plays second base and shortstop for the baseball team. He is no stranger to either sport. He began playing baseball when he was four years old, and he entered into wrestling in the seventh grade.

Joshua’s family plays a big role in his life and he says that he looks up to them as role models so that he can be better. “My grandfather, Fernando Galan Sr. was a great athlete and mentor in every aspect,” he said. “Also, my parents, Santiago and Michelle Saldana have given me unconditional support and encouragement. Despite their busy schedule, they have always found the time to be there for me at every activity.”

There are also two other people that have helped Saldana reach where he is today. He says that his brothers, Adrian and Jonathan, have paved a way for him. “Having two older brothers to look up to has helped me thrive to reach my goals.”

His coaches have helped Joshua become the athlete that he is on the mat. “Coach Norman Williams and coach Aaron Martin are the reason that I am the wrestler that I am today,” he stated. “They have both taught me the fundamentals of wrestling and are there to support me.”