Sterling’s Coach Darrell Stanley: Girls Basketball Coach Spotlight Presented By Cameron University Army ROTC

By Derrick Smith

Coaching at any level can be tough and time consuming. But coaching high school athletes has a twist, you are also a teacher. While you try to come up with a game plan for game day, you also have to have lesson plans ready for each school day. But coaching comes with rewards also.

Sterling head girls basketball coach Darrell Stanley says that one thing his loves about coaching is the relationships he is able to build. “The relationships with my assistant coaches, other head coaches, parents, and especially my players are what I enjoy the most,” he said. “And I also like the teaching aspect. I try to use my team’s successes and failures as a tool to teach athletes how to be successful through life and learn how to deal with adversity.”

While Stanley enjoys basketball, his family is his true love. He and his wife Lydia will be married twenty-eight years this year. They have five children; Jordyn, Marissa, Grant, Hunter, and Haley. They also have one grandson, Cade, who Darrell says is the real MVP of the family.

Stanley, who is in his third year at Sterling Public Schools, is also the head coach of the slowpitch softball team. He says that he has always wanted to get into coaching. “I wanted to coach my whole life,” he said. “I coached little league baseball, basketball, and football for several years. I was fortunate that Damon Garner, Elgin basketball coach, asked me to come on as his assistant.”

The influences on his life are what shaped Darrell into the coach and person he is today. “My parents are who made me the man I am today,” he said. “They taught me how to be a man and take care of my family. As far as coaching goes, my uncle Edward Winters helped me as a young kid. My high school and college coaches made big impacts. Mark Bixler, Mike Stamper, Mark Lamburtus, and Paul Conrad taught me about hard work, dedication, and never giving up.