Bridge Creek’s Kaden Smith – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Harley-Davidson World

By Derrick Smith

Success is something that requires a lot in order to be achieved. Not only does it require hard work and practice, but if you want to reach the next level, you have to give more. Kaden Smith says that going above and beyond is what helps him. “In order to be successful in wrestling, I have to do a lot of extra things,” he said. “That includes having two practices a day and having to study for a test late at night when I get home from practice. Also, going to the gym after practice on days I don’t have two practices.”

A sophomore at Bridge Creek High School, Smith wrestles for the Bobcats, competing in the 120 pound weight class. Kanen first began wrestling when he was 10 years old.

Kaden attributes his progress in wrestling with a good group of people. “For a majority of my career, I was involved with Mustangs Matrix wrestling program,” he said. “I was coached by Brian Picklo and Daniel Wiley. They really helped me progress in my wrestling abilities.”

The support of two people has also helped Smith become the person and athlete that he is today. “The biggest influences in my wrestling career are my parents,” he said. “They always push me to keep on trying or to go to another practice.”

In the classroom, Kaden has had a couple of teachers that have made a big impact on his life. “Coach Nickels makes me actually study, which is something I am going to need in college,” he said. “Ms.Johnson is the first teacher that has ever made me pay attention to detail in everything I do. Both of these are things that will help me after I graduate high school.”

While he enjoys wrestling, Smith has also enjoyed all the different places it has taken him. “Wrestling has allowed me to travel to a lot of cool places,” he said. “One of my favorite moments in wrestling is winning third place at State during my freshman year.”