Grandfield’s Laylee Ramirez: Athlete Spotlight Presented By Western Oklahoma State College

Softball player and freshman at Western State College, Laylee Ramirez is adjusting to the intensity of the college game and loving every minute of it.

“What surprised me the most going from a high school athlete to a college athlete would definitely be the different level of intensity. It is a huge adjustment. Also, being a college athlete is like having a full-time job. There are so many differences in high school athletics and college athletics,” said Ramirez.

A graduate of Grandfield High School, Ramirez was excited to get her collegiate career started at Western State College.

“I am double majoring here at Western. I am majoring in Liberal Arts, and Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. After Western, I plan to attend The University of Oklahoma, earn a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree,” said Ramirez.

As a new player on the softball team, Ramirez immediately felt at home with her new coach and new teammates.

“There are so many things I love about my team. I love how much grit we have. I love how determined we are. I love how it feels like we have been playing with each other for much longer than we actually have. I love how we are constantly pushing each other to do better, and lifting each other up. I could go on and on about this team. I am excited to see how far our hard work takes us,” said Ramirez.

As for being a freshman in college, Ramirez has enjoyed the atmosphere at Western State and has enjoyed her classes and professors.

“During my time here at Western, I have enjoyed the family atmosphere. Everybody is just so welcoming. Everybody here at Western truly wants you to succeed. The professors work extremely well with students. Being a student athlete, I am grateful for that,” said Ramirez.

“Another class will soon follow Ramirez as this year begins to come to a close. The soon-to-be sophomore offers this advice to new students headed to Western State College.

“There is so much advice I would give to the incoming college freshmen. The first semester is definitely the hardest, but you’ll get through it. Do not procrastinate on your homework. Communicate with your professors. Learn how to budget your money. Most of all just have fun. The year will fly by.”