Rush Springs’ Malachi Phipps – FFA Spotlight Presented By Oklahoma AgCredit

By Derrick Smith

There are some students who join the Future Farmers of America program because their friends are in it, while others may join for something to look good on college applications. But for Malachi Phipps, it was more of a family tradition. “I decided to join FFA because my dad and his brothers used to talk about all the great memories they made when they were in the program. That made me want to join as soon as I was able to.”

Phipps is a senior at Rush Springs High School. He has some advice if a student is not sure if they want to join FFA. “You should definitely try it out,” he said. “There are so many opportunities and great people.”

There is not much in the FFA program that Malachi has not enjoyed but there are a few things that he has really liked. “I have basically enjoyed everything,” he said. “But I really enjoy livestock judging, showing pigs, and giving speeches.”

Malachi has won a few awards during his time in FFA. He has won Chapter Star Greenhand Award, Chapter FFA Degree, Chapter Leadership Award, and the Chapter Growth Award. While he has made a lot of memories, Phipps says that some of his greatest memories have come from Alumni Camp. “I have loved all three years of Alumni camp,” Malachi said. “It is a leadership based camp. The whole wee is based on strengthening your leadership abilities, meeting new people, and having a great time doing it.”

Phipps is thankful for his time in FFA and knows that it has allowed him to learn things that he might not have otherwise. “FFA has taught me a number of things that I would have never learned,” he said. “But to narrow it down, it has to be responsibility and how to be the best leader I can possibly be.”

Along with being a member of FFA, Phipps is also a multisport athlete at Rush Springs. He is a member of the football team, runs track, and is also a powerlifter.