Weatherford’s Hunter Pagliassotti – Character Counts Presented By Pond Agency

By John Tranchina

For Hunter Pagliassotti, it’s all about continuing to develop and improve as a player. The Weatherford senior is his soccer team’s starting goalkeeper and he has worked hard to get better at his craft, particularly during this past off-season, making sure he sees at least incremental progress each year. “Lately, I’ve been trying to do any sort of goalkeeping drills I can think of, whether it’s by myself or with any of my friends, that way I can still get a touch on the ball any time I can,” Pagliassotti said. “I think it’s going really well. I’ve definitely made a lot of improvements since my freshman year, and I think that’s part of the reason why I think I’ve become a good leader – development, and that’s what these guys need to understand. You’ll become a great player as long as you continue to develop.”

As a senior, he has also taken on more of a leadership role this season. “This year, I’m definitely trying to be a leader to this team and just trying to make the most out of everything I can do,” said Pagliassotti, who also participates in the FCCLA club (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) at Weatherford. “It’s a little bit of (talking to the team and leading by example). I’ll talk to the guys if I feel its necessary, but most of the time, I’ll show them what it means and how to be a good leader. I don’t necessarily tell them what to do, I usually show them.”

Weatherford teammate Manuel Lujan, also a senior, has witnessed firsthand Pagliassotti’s gradual improvement into a key contributor. “Hunter, I would say, he’s kind of a quiet guy but he plays an important role as a goalkeeper, and I think he works really hard,” Lujan said. “Sometimes I see him outside of school working on his stuff. He’s also a very hard worker.”

Pagliassotti has been playing soccer since he was a little kid, although he wasn’t always a goalkeeper. “When I was little, I used to play baseball, and I was also playing soccer at the time, but as I began playing more baseball, I realized that soccer was my passion and I’ve stuck with that for 13 years now,” Pagliassotti said. “I’ve been a goalkeeper for I think 10 years. At the very beginning of my soccer career, I thought about being a goalkeeper, but whenever I tried it at first, I did not like it at all. But I moved around and played every position you can think of, and eventually, I found out goalkeeping was the spot for me. And ever since then, I stuck with that position, haven’t thought about changing it any time.”