Marlow’s Mackenzie Terrell: Character Counts Presented By Coaches Corner

By Ember McElrath

“It is a great privilege, and I am glad that other people have been able to see Christ in my life,” said Mackenzie Terrell about being awarded the Marlow Character Counts honor.

Mackenzie is a Senior at Marlow High School. And this senior is active in her school and community. She is involved in FCA, cross country, golf, NHS, OHS, National Youth Leadership Forum, youth group, as well as mission trips and community volunteering. She does all this while attending high school and taking classes at Cameron University, while also holding down a job at Osage Animal Hospital. Time management is this seniors best friend.

For her school’s FCA Mackenzie is part of the leadership team that meets every other Wednesday.

“I try to go to all our activities but unfortunately sometimes work or college classes have interfered with me attending some events,” Mackenzie said.
Good character to his senior means doing what is right all the time, not just when others can see.

“As a Christ follower I hopefully act no different through the week that I do Sunday in Church. It means holding yourself to Biblical standards all the time, even when you fail, you just keep trying,” said Mackenzie.

As a senior and leader Mackenzie is aware of the little eyes on her and wants to be the best version of herself at all times.

“I just want to be the best person I can be, and I want to show others what it means to be a Christ follower. If by watching me, other people learn how to do the same that would make me incredibly happy,” said Mackenzie.

After high school Mackenzie plans to attend Oklahoma State University to earn a degree in computer science.