Plainvew Wrestling’s Reece Bennett: Character Counts Athlete of the Month Presented By Carter County Dodge

A twelve-year veteran of the mat, but still only a sophomore, Plainview High School’s Reece Bennett went 28-10 this season and made it to the state tournament at the Big House in Oklahoma City. Bennett said it was the highlight of his season.

“The highlight of my season was definitely qualifying for the state tournament. I’ve been going and watching the high school state tournament since I was tiny, and it always has the best atmosphere, and you get a different kind of feeling when you walk in there,” Bennett continued. “State definitely taught me some things. I think that too many guys look at it as “The State Tournament” and get anxious over it. I think I need to just calm myself down before my matches. It caught me off guard at how nervous I was, because I never get nervous, and I felt that kept me from competing to the best of my abilities.”

Throughout the year Bennett has enjoyed his time in the wrestling room with his teammates and coaches.

“I like my team, because we have fun together, but when it’s time to buckle down, we do it,” said Bennett.

Outside of the wrestling room, Bennett said his father is a huge influence in his life.

“My dad has definitely influenced me the most out of anyone. He has coached me since I started the sport, and he still has the same attitude he had back then. He still tells me what I did wrong, and how I can fix it,” said Bennett.

At one time Bennett played baseball and wrestled, but he has decided to focus on one sport.

When he’s not on the mat or in school you can find him hanging out with friends or talking to his dad about wrestling.

“I really enjoy hanging with my buds, or talking with my dad about wrestling, whether it be high school, or College. I love talking about rankings, and who I think is going end up on the podium at tournaments.”